Awasu 3.0 (8 February 2011)

Awasu has always been about extensibility, allowing it to be customized to process the information that you're interested in, in a way that meets your requirements. To this end, the main focus of this release cycle has been the Awasu API, an interface that lets both Awasu extensions and external applications query and manipulate Awasu.

The three corner-stones of Awasu's end-to-end information management are

Lets you retrieve information from anywhere, not just RSS feeds.
Metadata modules
Gives you access to all the information in a feeed, not just the RSS stuff.
Channel hooks
Analyze and respond to information as it arrives.
and on top of each of these, we now have an API that lets you continually monitor what is happening in your Awasu and re-configure it accordingly.

Building Awasu has been a fun ride and many thanks to everyone who helped out along the way, testing and reporting bugs, suggesting new features and purchasing it. Hope y'all find it useful.

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