Awasu 2.1.3 (29 September 2005)

This release was by far the most comprehensive update and introduced a huge number of new UI features.

Support for XP themes was added and all the icons and other images replaced with full-color, alpha-blended images.

Awasu's dialogs were also completely re-designed, taking all the features that had been added, somewhat organically, over the previous two years and re-arranging them in a more intuitive and practical way.

Awasu just looked way cool now!

New main windows were added, the Tasks Pane that brought together Awasu's most commonly-used features, the Downloaded Files window to manage your podcasts and the Sidebar to let you constantly monitor your favorite channels on your desktop.


Support for the middle mouse button was also added and in keeping with the rest of Awasu, is highly configurable.


Search channels were another powerful addition that let you monitor the results of a search query as a feed in its own right. Now you can not only get Awasu to retrieve information from a huge variety of sources, you can also get it to monitor what's coming in and let you know when items of interest are received!

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