Awasu 2.3.4 (27 July 2008)

This release introduced new features that allowed tight integration with popular online services.

Send-to tools enhanced Awasu's existing user tools, allowing feed items and web pages to be sent to online services such as Digg or Reddit.

Awasu regularly downloads information about these services from our servers, so you're always up-to-date with the latest ones.


Awasu was also extended to know how to subscribe to feeds coming from these online services.

And if the services change how their feeds work and break your feeds, Awasu is smart enough to figure out what's changed and get them going again!


This release also saw many new enhancements to one of Awasu's most powerful features, channel reports.

The most useful one was the ability to email reports but you can now also:

  • automatically mark items as read or remove them from workpads when a report is run.
  • automatically re-generate workpad reports when the underlying workpad is changed.
  • group items by channel or just have them as a river of news.

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