Awasu Professional Edition

Designed for information professionals, this edition contains the full set of features for monitoring and processing information.

Licensed for commercial use.
Purchases of Awasu include 2 years of free upgrades.
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Awasu Advanced Edition

Designed for power users, this edition contains everything an information junkie needs to monitor their feeds.

Licensed for personal use only.
Purchases of Awasu include 2 years of free upgrades.
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Sales of Awasu are handled by FastSpring who provide the full range of payment options.

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Awasu Personal Edition

For casual RSS users, this edition is fully-functional and completely free! [?]

Licensed for personal use only.

Awasu Feed Parser SDK

This library component for parsing feeds can be integrated into your product to instantly add support for RSS and Atom.

Please contact us for pricing and licensing information.

Customized versions of Awasu

Customized versions of Awasu are a great way to help your clients get set up with a feed reader, preloaded with your feeds and branded with your corporate identity!

We can also make other custom changes to Awasu and provide you with your very own customized version of everyone's favorite feed reader.

Awasu clients
  • ABC-12
  • Akin Gump
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Canon Development Americas
  • Cargill
  • Citigroup
  • City of North Vancouver
  • Conceiva
  • CRS Australia
  • Ernst & Young
  • G4S
  • GE Energy Management Services
  • Health Services Australia
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Indra Sistemas
  • Latham & Watkins
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Microsoft
  • Monsanto
  • Motorola
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
  • Pfizer
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Rosetta Stone Ltd.
  • Seagate
  • Tallwood Venture Capital
  • Telstra
  • Vatican City
  • Whopper
  • World Bank
  • Worley Parsons
  • 3R Marketing
  • 6 Sigma-IT
  • Active Computing
  • Advocatrs Limited
  • Applied Intelligence International
  • Ascension Capital Development
  • Altica Ltd.
  • American Network of Community Options and Resources
  • Anil Information Systems
  • Assess Systems Australia
  • BHS Systems
  • bigMETHOD
  • Biogen Idec
  • Blue Lotus Studio
  • Bookmark Computers (of Stroud)
  • Cambridge Earth Sciences
  • Cardinal Health
  • Carriageway Consulting
  • Cartner Networks
  • Chocolate Adventure
  • Cityconnect
  • ClearFrame Solutions
  • Colsterworth Computer Services
  • Com4 Information Technology BV
  • Commend International
  • Commonwealth Plants
  • Connaught Media
  • Copernicus Capital Partners
  • Cortera
  • Craig Investments
  • Crisp Wireless
  • Crossbow Technology
  • CSIOne
  • CSS Caribbean Spa Supplies
  • Cuhaci & Peterson
  • Cortera
  • Devine Installations
  • DJB Productions
  • Eagle XM
  • ESB Consultancy
  • EWE
  • Ferguson Pape Baldwin, Architects
  • FHS St.Gallen
  • Financial Media Holdings Group
  • FIND Inc.
  • First Strike Software
  • Fiserv Health
  • Fitch Ratings
  • Fluid System Technologies
  • FMI Systems
  • Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
  • Global Edge Group
  • Global Strategy, Inc.
  • Global Vision Consulting
  • Great American Ink
  • Green Onion Media
  • High Plains Journal
  • Hospitality Technology
  • i-CATTS
  • Ian Goldsmid & Associates
  • III Holography
  • Information Builders
  • Intellectual Property Management Group
  • International Newspaper Marketing Association
  • IXC UK
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • jobWings
  • Joshua Prison Ministries
  • Kanata Consulting
  • Kid Knowlee Productions
  • Kinton Technology
  • Knowledge Automation
  • Kuras BVBA
  • KPCB
  • Leadership Concepts
  • LimeFlame Consulting
  • LPI Level Platforms
  • Marbe Enterprises
  • Mastery Technologies
  • Maurhofer Informatik
  • MBCS Services
  • McKenzie Field Services
  • Media Miser
  • Metal Technology
  • MgrCentral
  • Micol Management
  • Micromet
  • Microplus
  • Mindteck
  • Mission Benefits
  • Moring & Moring, P.A.
  • MPM
  • MTS Travel
  • MultiPath Communications
  • Murata Machinery
  • MVweb
  • N-Tier Securities
  • National Community Pharmacists Association
  • Nature Japan
  • nConcert Online
  • NetQoS
  • Network Jabber
  • Neverfail
  • Newwave Broadband
  • Nielsen Norman Group
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Odyssey Consulting
  • OERAG Rechtsschutz
  • One Credit Source
  • Orchard Street Associates
  • Palam Mesra Group
  • Pax Mondial LLC
  • PBD Consulting
  • PC-Ware Information Technologies
  • PCS Nitrogen
  • Pinellas County School Board
  • Pivotal Management Consulting
  • Positive Solutions
  • Pritchard Plastics
  • ProLib Software
  • Protean Marketing
  • Protiviti
  • Publicasity
  • QinetiQ
  • Quikonnex
  • QVT Financial LP
  • Redgum Technologies
  • Redland City Council (Brisbane)
  • Redmoss Enterprises Ltd
  • RMRI, Inc.
  • Rogan Ventures
  • Rollits
  • SBL Int. Travel Group Ltd.
  • Schoenduve Corporation
  • Shire
  • Simtra AeroTech
  • Siserone Ltd.
  • Skua Gabinete de Estudios Ambientales SL
  • Skyline Diagnostics
  • Social Analysis and Intelligence Group
  • Stage Equipment And Lighting
  • Stone Image
  • Syntax Solutions
  • Systems Ingenuitas
  • Taylor Consultancy Services
  • Tech Tracker
  • Telligent Corporation
  • The Container Store
  • The KnowPlexity Partnership
  • TLC Promotions
  • Todd Carter Photography
  • Trams
  • Transact IT Services
  • Vektis
  • VGroup
  • Video Interchange
  • Virorum
  • VLSI Research
  • Virtual Research Associates
  • VTech
  • Wilcox Investment
  • Word Dynamics
  • Workflow Studios
  • XPedient Technologies
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Lokas Software
Professional icons and design.
Awasu customers are eligible for a 20% discount on Lokas products and vice versa. Please contact either company for more details.

Professional icons, design and software.
Awasu customers are eligible for a 25% discount on glyFX products and vice versa. Please contact either company for more details.

Making Awasu my default browser really is a vote of confidence.
John Walker (via email)
I love it. I've been recommending it to all of my friends.
Kyle Bunch (via email)
If you as yet have not had the singular pleasure of dealing with the Awasu people, know that you can expect their support to be every bit as excellent as their product.
There are no RSS readers as granular, pretty, customizable and well-supported as Awasu.
I have downloaded and tested Syndirella, NewzCrawler, AmphetaDesk, FeedReader, Userland Radio, Headline Viewer, WildGrape, and NewsGator. From this field, I would choose Awasu any day.