Awasu features

Thanks for a great program! I have currently been using Syndirella, but after trying Awasu for the first time, I think I'm converted!
Greg Boesel (via email)
Awasu's support was nothing short of phenomenal.
I have seen most of the other readers ... Awasu is way more advanced than the others.
Your support is the best I've experienced with any other software company. Amazing!
I am impressed with Awasu. It does so many things that I haven't seen in other aggregators.
General features
  • Monitors any site that provides an RSS or Atom feed.
    There are millions of channels available on the Internet, including all the major news sites and weblogs, and the number is growing daily. Awasu can also monitor sites and other data sources even if a feed is not available!
  • Notification balloon Lets you know when new content is found.
    You can customize each channel to show a notification balloon, play a sound or animate the system tray icon. Or all three!
  • Keeps track of what you have already read so you don't waste time looking at things more than once.
  • Automatically removes ads, web-bugs, and other unwanted content from your feeds before showing it.
  • Lets you read linked-to articles and shows images embedded in feeds even when you're not online.
    These are downloaded and archived in the background so that they are available even when you are not connected to the Internet.
  • Lets you keep Awasu synchronized with not only other copies of Awasu but other feed readers as well.
  • Channel folders Advanced channel management features let you keep your channels organized, only showing the ones you want.
    Much more powerful than the traditional method of using folders and sub-folders, Awasu's smart folders and channel filters let you precisely control which channels are displayed at any given time.
  • Each channel can be individually customized.
  • Automatically detects new feeds as you browse.
    Auto-discovery is a way for web sites to let programs such as Awasu know that they have feeds. Whenever you browse to a web site announcing their feeds in this way, Awasu will let you know so you can check them out and subscribe.
  • Automatically downloads podcasts (enclosures) and other related files.
  • Comprehensive security features ensure that potentially dangerous content is not delivered to your computer via your feeds.
    Awasu removes any potentially dangerous HTML content from your feeds before presenting it to you, as well as integrating with Internet Explorer's own security features.
  • Lets you quickly identify and delete dead and dormant channels, ensuring that you're only subscribed to current and relevant channels.
  • Fully customizable user interface.
    Includes advanced features such as docking and auto-hide windows, personalized menus and toolbars, and full-screen mode. You also have full control over the presentation of your channels .
  • Optimized keyboard interface for the fastest possible browsing. Or if you prefer the mouse, a one-click mode is provided to speed navigation.
  • System tray menu Channels can be added to the Favorites menu, system tray menu, Tasks Pane or Sidebar for quick access.
  • Uses wizards to help you get started with the more powerful features of Awasu.
  • Supports secure feeds using HTTP authentication and/or SSL.
  • Uses advanced HTTP features to ensure the most efficient use of bandwidth.
  • Comprehensive support and documentation.
Productivity features
  • Workpads let you save and annotate feed items.
    Reports can be generated from the contents of a workpad, making them a great research tool. Scour the net for articles of interest and collect them in a workpad, add your own comments and then put them all together into a single report.
  • Archives all feed content and provides an advanced search engine to help you find what you're looking for.
  • Item filters and search agents can be set up that will flag items of interest. You can also create search channels that will monitor the results of a search query as a feed in its own right.
  • Allows content to be exported out of Awasu.
    Reports are remarkably flexible and can used to perform tasks such as:
    • provide a single-page summary of your channel content
    • export your channels any format whatsoever e.g. OPML, HTML, XML, CSV, plain-text, etc.
    • automatically keep your blogroll up-to-date
    • create meta-channels
    Reports can be saved to a file, emailed out or uploaded to a web site.
  • Provides quick access to online tools such as Google, Twitter and Wikipedia.
    You can also easily integrate with any other PC- or web-based tool.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the most popular web sites.
    Awasu knows how to subscribe to feeds published by web sites such as Google and YouTube.
Advanced features
  • An extensive API opens up access to the information in Awasu, and control over its functionality.
  • Allows information to be retrieved from any source using plugins.
    You are no longer restricted to monitoring content provided by third-party feeds. Whether the information you want is on a web page, in a database or provided by a web service, you can write a plugin to retrieve it and transfer it into Awasu.
  • Using channel hooks, you can tap into the flow of information as it moves around within Awasu to perform actions such as send out emails or update databases.
  • Metadata modules allow any information to be extracted from the feed XML, not just RSS/Atom data.
    This let you publish feeds with your own specialized information embedded in them, then extract and process it on the client side.
Find out more about Awasu's end-to-end information management.
  • Application plugins can be installed to extend the functionality of Awasu itself.
  • A powerful template processing engine gives you complete control over Awasu's output.
  • Allows feeds to be modified using XSLT.
  • Allows web services, or any other data source that publishes information using XML, to be queried using SOAP.