Awasu 1.1.2 (14 September 2003)

This was an important release since I finally got the time to implement a lot of stuff that really needed to be done but had been deferred since there were so many other things that had to be taken care of first.

1.1.1 had implemented support for languages other than English and SOAP/XSLT (important features for advanced users) but this release added a lot of new features for general users:

  • Search.
  • Auto-discovery.
  • Support for Dublin Core, xhtml:body and content:encoded.
  • Lots of options to control how feed content gets presented.
  • And many optimizations that made Awasu run much faster and smoothly.

Awasu was finally starting to look and feel like a top-class aggregator. Now I had all the basic stuff out of the way, I could start work on some cool and more advanced features...

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