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Wednesday 31st October 2007 9:14 AM [General]

Aussie slang is heaps of fun and one common phrase is "it's better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick" (i.e. things could be worse).

Now, Halloween is not really a big thing in Australia but please don't let that stop anyone if they want to get me this insanely cool pencil sharpener :blink:

Happy Halloween, y'all :cool:

Thursday 25th October 2007 6:49 AM [General]

I wrote a while back about people re-enacting xkcd comics and while I was reading the other day about it happening yet again (a small army [1] of ninjas attacking Richard Stallman) I wondered whether the author of xkcd was at all influenced by the knowledge that someone, somewhere out there, would probably take it upon themselves to act out whatever he drew.

Clearly, things have gotten out of hand...

The comic that caused the deaths showed a group of stick figures jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, halfway down they drop a penny, and pretend they are levitating the penny with their minds. Munroe pulled the comic from the site after learning of the death, hoping to prevent any more suicides. However, many fans have found the comic in Google's Cache and at the Web Archive, so more deaths seem imminent.
Police were still recovering many of the skinny white, black t-shirt clad bodies from the bay late into the night. San Francisco Police Chief, Robert Evans said, "I always knew web comics were a bad influence on our youth, I didn't know how bad until this."


[1] So what is the collective noun for ninjas, anyway?

Wednesday 24th October 2007 3:03 PM [Awasu News]

The second 2.3.2 alpha release [?] is now available here.

This release has been a major slog but it's finally done. More optimizations and more bug fixes but the most interesting addition is support for the Outbrain rating system.

This is a new online service that lets you rate feed items and while there are already a few services that let you do this kind of thing, Outbrain is kinda interesting in that it doesn't take a simple average of all the votes cast. Instead, it looks for people with a similar voting history as yours and gives their votes more weight when figuring out what to show you.

In other words – two people might be looking at the same blog post, but each will see vastly different scores based on each one's personal rating history. The more each person rates, the better our recommendations will be specifically for him/her.

We'll be adding more features to Awasu along these lines as they expand their API but for now, as always, have fun with this release :cool:

Friday 19th October 2007 5:13 AM [General]

As many of you know, we are not a US company and while this is never really a problem, it does mean I don't get to go all the amazing conferences that happen over there.

Ethan Zuckerman has written a series of posts about what's happening at Pop! Tech [1] this year and it's just mind-blowing.

Bugger. There goes my day :-(

[1] Feeds are here.

Monday 15th October 2007 10:31 AM [Awasu News]

Awasu 2.3 is now available in German. Just go to the download page and follow the instructions.

Many thanks to Kai Klintworth for doing an incredibly thorough job with this translation :clap: and also reminding me that despite having done German for two years in high school, I remember exactly sod all of it :oops:

In other news, it's been quiet on the weblog because I've been locked away in the dungeons working on a very involved change. If you're subscribed to the Awasu DevLog, you would've seen a change go in the other day, optimizing how Awasu manages its config files. It works pretty well and the UI is much snappier now because of it. But I'll definitely be glad to get stuck into some other things now :roll: 2.3.2.alpha2 will be coming your way next week...