Awasu » Awasu wird gestartet
Monday 15th October 2007 10:31 AM [Awasu News]

Awasu 2.3 is now available in German. Just go to the download page and follow the instructions.

Many thanks to Kai Klintworth for doing an incredibly thorough job with this translation :clap: and also reminding me that despite having done German for two years in high school, I remember exactly sod all of it :oops:

In other news, it's been quiet on the weblog because I've been locked away in the dungeons working on a very involved change. If you're subscribed to the Awasu DevLog, you would've seen a change go in the other day, optimizing how Awasu manages its config files. It works pretty well and the UI is much snappier now because of it. But I'll definitely be glad to get stuck into some other things now :roll: 2.3.2.alpha2 will be coming your way next week...

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