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Thursday 25th October 2007 6:49 AM [General]

I wrote a while back about people re-enacting xkcd comics and while I was reading the other day about it happening yet again (a small army [1] of ninjas attacking Richard Stallman) I wondered whether the author of xkcd was at all influenced by the knowledge that someone, somewhere out there, would probably take it upon themselves to act out whatever he drew.

Clearly, things have gotten out of hand...

The comic that caused the deaths showed a group of stick figures jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, halfway down they drop a penny, and pretend they are levitating the penny with their minds. Munroe pulled the comic from the site after learning of the death, hoping to prevent any more suicides. However, many fans have found the comic in Google's Cache and at the Web Archive, so more deaths seem imminent.
Police were still recovering many of the skinny white, black t-shirt clad bodies from the bay late into the night. San Francisco Police Chief, Robert Evans said, "I always knew web comics were a bad influence on our youth, I didn't know how bad until this."


[1] So what is the collective noun for ninjas, anyway?

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