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Friday 27th February 2004 12:56 PM [Awasu News]

This release extends the enhanced UI:

  • The item pane can now be placed on any edge of the channel window. This really changes the feel of using Awasu. I like to put them on the left-hand side of the channel windows and the Control Center docked on the right-hand side of the main window.
  • Added support for integrating your blog into Awasu.
  • Added more buttons to the navbars.

Full details and the downloads are here.

Thursday 26th February 2004 10:26 AM [Awasu News]

If you are observant, you will have noticed that the weblog looks slightly different. We've upgraded to WordPress, the successor to the b2 publishing system we were using before. And it's lovely! :-)

Some of the cool new stuff:

  • RSS feeds for comments on individual posts or the weblog overall.
  • You can link to individual comments.
  • And for me :-), a much nicer and more powerful admin interface.

It's all CSS-driven and they recently had a competition to write some stylesheets. You can see all the entries here and there are some fantastic ones. Alex King has also written a tool that lets you switch them on the fly!

Kudos to everyone involved in this project, I think it's fantastic! It's powerful, was easy to set up (although the upgrade process from b2 could've been documented a bit better) and everything seems to work fine. What more could you want? 8)

Monday 16th February 2004 2:51 PM [General]

We're working on it :-)

Another happy little vegemite! Don't care much for the stuff myself but when in Rome...

Thursday 12th February 2004 8:19 PM [Awasu News]

Pleased to meet you! :-)

Allan's been busy! His latest creation is a channel hook that saves feed content in a MySQL database as it arrives in Awasu. This opens up some intriguing possibilities for integrating Awasu with your own applications: Awasu brings in the content and saves it to a database where you can manipulate it however you want.

We have always had a vision for Awasu as a clearing house for information and this is a significant step towards that.

The release is here, full documentation is contained in the release itself.

Sunday 8th February 2004 8:47 AM [Awasu News]

Today is the first anniversary of the first general release of Awasu. To celebrate, we've put together a little retrospective that looks at how Awasu has grown over the past twelve months.

And for a limited time, we are offering a 40% discount off the usual price for the Advanced Edition. To take up this offer, go to this order page and use the password BIRTHDAY.

The current beta cycle will be a much shorter one than the last one and the next general release will be in March. The way we handle pricing will be changing then and so if you are thinking about purchasing Awasu, it will definitely be to your advantage to do it now! :-)

Dare Obasanjo (the author of RSS Bandit), recently posted that he was "really running out of ideas of features to add to RSS Bandit" and was thinking about adding features because he had "reached the point where [he was] bored enough to actually give it a shot." It's a sad day for an application when the developer "runs out of ideas" but there's no danger of that happening with Awasu any time soon. We have a long, long, long list of cool ideas for things to add to Awasu and checking my calendar, I seem to have a little free time early next year. But I'm sure something will come up between now and then... :roll:

Tuesday 3rd February 2004 12:25 PM [General]

Warning: more geek humour follows...

An oldie but a goodie:

The Tao Of Programming

A manager was about to be fired, but a programmer who worked for him invented a new program that became popular and sold well. As a result, the manager retained his job.

The manager tried to give the programmer a bonus, but the programmer refused it, saying, "I wrote the program because I thought it was an interesting concept, and thus I expect no reward."

The manager upon hearing this remarked, "This programmer, though he holds a position of small esteem, understands well the proper duty of an employee. Let us promote him to the exalted position of management consultant!"

But when told this, the programmer once more refused, saying, "I exist so that I can program. If I were promoted, I would do nothing but waste everyone's time. Can I go now? I have a program that I'm working on."

Which reminds me of a joke:

Proposition 1: Every computer program can be optimised to be at least one instruction shorter.

Proposition 2: Every computer program contains at least one bug.

Conclusion: Therefore, by induction, every computer program can be optimised down to a single instruction which is wrong.

I know exactly what that's talking about! :roll: :-(

Sunday 1st February 2004 3:06 PM [Awasu News]

A hot and sexy new UI. Need I say more?

Well, OK then:

  • Awasu now supports the feed: protocol.
  • Added the ability to copy sync data files to and from a remote server using something other than FTP e.g. SCP or SFTP.
  • Lots of optimizations.
  • Added support for channel packs that contain a selection of high-quality channels across a range of subjects.
  • Added the ability to validate channel feeds.

And a whole lot more. Full release notes are here. I've been a busy little Taka these past few weeks so it's time for a break... :wink: 8)

Sunday 1st February 2004 12:01 PM [General]

Then you probably won't want to read this:

Eight songs were chosen to represent classic rock's rich tapestry - from the Who's legendary Substitute to Nirvana's vintage grunge masterpiece, Smells Like Teen Spirit. As well as gauging their opinions we tested their [six under-8 children] endurance by allowing them to stop the song when they became bored and posed the all important question: is this better than Busted?

Gabrielle seems to have discerned the fundamental purpose of music when she said "It's making me feel all dizzy. Can I have some juice?" while Sophie summarizes Bob Dylan with an incisive "He sounds like he's just smelled something really bad, like cat poo." :-D:roll:

And if you have any geekish tendencies whatsoever, this will leave you on the floor.