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Sunday 1st February 2004 12:01 PM [General]

Then you probably won't want to read this:

Eight songs were chosen to represent classic rock's rich tapestry - from the Who's legendary Substitute to Nirvana's vintage grunge masterpiece, Smells Like Teen Spirit. As well as gauging their opinions we tested their [six under-8 children] endurance by allowing them to stop the song when they became bored and posed the all important question: is this better than Busted?

Gabrielle seems to have discerned the fundamental purpose of music when she said "It's making me feel all dizzy. Can I have some juice?" while Sophie summarizes Bob Dylan with an incisive "He sounds like he's just smelled something really bad, like cat poo." :-D:roll:

And if you have any geekish tendencies whatsoever, this will leave you on the floor.


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