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Sunday 8th February 2004 8:47 AM [Awasu News]

Today is the first anniversary of the first general release of Awasu. To celebrate, we've put together a little retrospective that looks at how Awasu has grown over the past twelve months.

And for a limited time, we are offering a 40% discount off the usual price for the Advanced Edition. To take up this offer, go to this order page and use the password BIRTHDAY.

The current beta cycle will be a much shorter one than the last one and the next general release will be in March. The way we handle pricing will be changing then and so if you are thinking about purchasing Awasu, it will definitely be to your advantage to do it now! :-)

Dare Obasanjo (the author of RSS Bandit), recently posted that he was "really running out of ideas of features to add to RSS Bandit" and was thinking about adding features because he had "reached the point where [he was] bored enough to actually give it a shot." It's a sad day for an application when the developer "runs out of ideas" but there's no danger of that happening with Awasu any time soon. We have a long, long, long list of cool ideas for things to add to Awasu and checking my calendar, I seem to have a little free time early next year. But I'm sure something will come up between now and then... :roll:

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Congrats! I think this is clearly the superior news aggregator available. Keep up the good work...and thanks for the 40% discount. You got my business and I'll pass the word along about y'all.

Why, thank you! :-)

/everyone here takes a bow 8)

Good on you mate. Awasu is spoiling me for most other software, not just because its a great app, but because you guys are so positively responsive to suggestions.

Happy Birthday.

PS. :ahem: How is the search coming on?

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