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Tuesday 3rd February 2004 12:25 PM [General]

Warning: more geek humour follows...

An oldie but a goodie:

The Tao Of Programming

A manager was about to be fired, but a programmer who worked for him invented a new program that became popular and sold well. As a result, the manager retained his job.

The manager tried to give the programmer a bonus, but the programmer refused it, saying, "I wrote the program because I thought it was an interesting concept, and thus I expect no reward."

The manager upon hearing this remarked, "This programmer, though he holds a position of small esteem, understands well the proper duty of an employee. Let us promote him to the exalted position of management consultant!"

But when told this, the programmer once more refused, saying, "I exist so that I can program. If I were promoted, I would do nothing but waste everyone's time. Can I go now? I have a program that I'm working on."

Which reminds me of a joke:

Proposition 1: Every computer program can be optimised to be at least one instruction shorter.

Proposition 2: Every computer program contains at least one bug.

Conclusion: Therefore, by induction, every computer program can be optimised down to a single instruction which is wrong.

I know exactly what that's talking about! :roll: :-(

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This is actually a version of Schaffer's Corollary to Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology: Lubarsky's Law: There's always one more bug.
Schaffer's Corollary: Every program can be one instruction shorter.
It is left as an exercise in induction to derive the length of the shortest program.

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