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Monday 6th July 2015 9:14 AM [Awasu News,Tutorial]

A while back, I posted a tutorial that showed how easy it is to extend Awasu through the use of plugins and channel hooks, and continuing on from that, here's another series that shows how you can control your Awasu via its API.

Whether you just want to find out what state your channels or reports are in, or if you want to programmatically create, update and delete them, the Python and PHP libraries available make it a breeze.

Have a play with them, hope you find them useful and, as always, feel free to ask questions in the forums.

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I worked my way through the original tutorial and the python awasu-tools library definitely made the process easier... thanks for creating and sharing it!

I'm looking forward to working through the new tutorial next week.

Thanks again!

Back coding again? That'll be a shock to the system... :-)

Yes, I've had a nice break, but I'm starting to dabble in programming again.

You may remember, I have several ideas for Awasu extensions in various stages of completion. If I actually complete and release one of them (or a completely new Awasu extension) that will be a real shocker for you and me both. :-)

Looking forward to it. It'd be cool to see people making stuff using these libraries... :-)

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