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Tuesday 7th April 2015 2:05 AM [Awasu News,Tutorial]

As promised, the tutorial on writing Awasu plugin channels and channel hooks is now up here.

Part 1 talks about how to get set up with the new awasu_tools library, and how to generate a basic feed, then Part 2 shows how to convert a basic script into something that can be called by Awasu.

Part 3 explores some more of the features offered by the awasu_tools library, while Part 4 rounds things off by explaining how to compile your extension, ready for distribution.

Writing Awasu extensions has always been relatively easy, but there was a bit of a learning curve, mostly spent looking at the samples supplied with Awasu. Hopefully, this tutorial will make things a bit easier, and the new awasu_tools library really makes things a breeze ::-):

As an aside, I've been programming computers for around 30 years (professionally for 25), yet publishing my first bit of code on PyPI and GitHub somehow makes me suddenly feel like a Real Programmer :roll:

Still some life left in this old dog, methinks... :jig:

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