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Sunday 18th March 2018 9:02 AM [Awasu News]

One thing that was quietly introduced in the recent 3.2.rc1 release was support for running on Linux, under Wine. This is something that I've been looking at for quite a while already, and Awasu has run reasonably well like this, but I've finally bit the bullet and made some changes to the code to help with the process.

Most of the issues relate to the embedded browser. They seem to have included a version of Gecko, tricked out to look like Internet Explorer, which mostly works, but Awasu has some sophisticated interactions with its embedded browser, which may or may not work. All the issues I came across have been documented in the wiki, along with work-arounds and other notes.

I'm one of those people who have become increasingly disillusioned with the direction Windows has taken recently, and while I've used Linux on the server for many years[1]And UNIX before that :eek: , it's never been much fun on the desktop. However, Gnome on Fedora is not bad these days, and given that my recent foray into the iUniverse has left me scarred for life, it looks like Linux might it, and so this version of Awasu will be getting a lot more dog-fooding in the near future... :-)


1 And UNIX before that :eek:

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This is really cool, thanks! I don't have an x86-Intel-based Linux box available full time (only Linux on ARM), but I do have Linux on a bootable thumb drive, so I'll try to get a portable Awasu installation on the thumb drive and give it a shot. There are some instructions for running X86 Windows apps on ARM Linux under Wine here:, so someday, "in my spare time", maybe I'll give that a shot too. Anyway back to preparing my taxes, Taxes TAXES.

Thanks again for this awesome update!

I've been testing Awasu under Wine for quite a few years now, but it's never really worked out because Internet Explorer :| One of the main uses for Awasu is reading content, and so if the embedded browser isn't working properly, it's kinda pointless :roll: but the Wine guys have obviously been working hard, and the embedded IE now works reasonably well :clap:

I've got a bit of free time coming up, so I might have a crack at seeing if Awasu will run on a Banana Pi... :-)

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