Awasu » Awasu Advanced Edition 1.1 released
Friday 11th July 2003 6:00 PM [Awasu News]

Are you finding yourself totally hooked on reading news via RSS and want more than 100 channels? Would you like your channels to update more frequently than once an hour? Then you need to upgrade to the Advanced Edition of Awasu.

A full list of the extra features you will get can be found here.

Why should you buy? Well, if you don't need more than 100 channels and don't mind your channels updating only once an hour, then we are quite happy for you to keep using the free Personal Edition.

But if you are a power user of RSS, then you might want to think about upgrading. Some of the features coming soon are pretty cool and not available in any other news reader:

  • the ability to keep two or more copies of Awasu synchronized e.g. if you run Awasu both at home and at work.
  • a state-of-the-art search engine that lets you archive and search your feeds.

The price will be going up when these features are released but if you get in now, you will get them as a free upgrade!

Or if you just want to support development of Awasu, that'd be great as well! The hamsters can't keep going on just love alone (squeak squeak) :-)

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