Feature comparison

Professional Edition
Advanced Edition
Personal Edition
Read all feed formats
Number of channels Unlimited Unlimited Up to 100
Channel updates Once every 5 minutes Once every 30 minutes Once an hour
Offline support [?] Feed items and images Images only
Synchronization [?] Can use FTP or other Can use FTP or other
Sync with other feed readers [?] Via OPML or SIAM Via OPML
Podcast management [?] Basic
Ad blocking [?] User-defined
SSL feeds (https://)
Authenticated feeds
Channel filters [?] Maximum of 20 Maximum of 5
Channel favorites [?] Maximum of 20 Maximum of 5
New channel defaults [?]
Expiring channels [?]

Archive old feeds [?] Up to 6 months Up to 1 month
Track item revisions [?]
Advanced search engine [?]
Search channels [?]
Search agents [?] Maximum of 10 Maximum of 3
Feed item filters [?]

Plugin channels [?] Maximum of 3
Channel hooks [?] Maximum of 3
SOAP/XSLT channels [?] Maximum of 5
Metadata modules [?] Maximum of 3
Awasu API [?]

Channel reports [?] Maximum of 20 Maximum of 5
Auto-generate channel reports [?] Once every 5 minutes Once an hour
FTP channel reports [?]
Email channel reports [?]
Generate workpad reports when the workpad is changed [?]
Report post-processing commands [?]

Workpads [?] Maximum of 5 One only
Workpad custom fields [?]
Auto-add new feed items to workpads [?]

Custom user tools [?]
Custom send-to tools [?]
Sidebar [?]
Columns in item panes [?]
Open channels at startup [?]

Customized versions of Awasu are a great way to help your clients get set up with a feed reader, preloaded with your feeds and branded with your corporate identity!

We can also make other custom changes to Awasu and provide you with your very own customized version of everyone's favorite feed reader.


Many people have written channel templates, plugins, channel hooks and other extensions that add new features to Awasu, or just make it cooler to use.

Just head over to the Awasu Wiki where they are all available for free download.