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Thursday 18th January 2018 6:34 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.1.1 has been released here.

Lots of Awasu goodness in this release, with numerous changes to speed up the search engine, and also to optimize the shutdown process, which is much quicker and snappier now.

This release cycle will be shorter than the others, so get yourself set up with this one; the 3.2 release candidate is just around the corner... :jig:

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Awesome work! Awasu has never seemed slow (with my 350+ feeds), but this release does seems speedier.
I don't know how you squeeze the extra speed out of it, but you did.
Thanks for the update!

It's the power of suggestion. I just litter the release notes with things like "optimization", "performance improvement" and "speed-up" and so when you come to run it, it just feels faster :hysterical:

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