Awasu 3.1.1 (beta)

This is a beta release [?]. You may need to do some basic computer maintenance tasks to get this release to run.

First, backup your existing Awasu installation! [?]

Then choose how you want to install this release:

Upgrade from Awasu 3.1.1.alpha1 or alpha2
Upgrade from Awasu 3.1
Upgrade from a version of Awasu prior to 3.1
Create a clean installation
Reinstall Awasu 3.1.1
Search engine improvements
  • Added an option to update the search index only when Awasu is idle.
  • Search results can now be filtered by their read/unread state.
    Add state:read or state:unread to the query string.
  • Optimized how the search index gets updated.
  • Optimized post-processing of search results.
  • Search channels now defer updating until after the search index has been updated.
  • Made the "update all channels" processing smarter about how it handles search channels.
  • Improved UI responsiveness when adding, updating or deleting search agents when Awasu is under load.
  • Fixed pagination of search results.
  • Fixed the links to move backwards and forwards through search results when the search query contains special characters.
  • Fixed a crash if searches are run in rapid succession.
  • Fixed a possible crash if a search was run while the search index was being updated.
Shutdown improvements
  • Numerous optimizations to the shutdown process, to make it quicker and more responsive.
  • Fixed several possible crashes during shutdown.
Minor changes and bug fixes
  • Optimized how long it takes to close the Program Options dialog and process any changes.
  • Stopped the archive database files from becoming too large.
  • Added a menu item to re-open the last channel.
  • Added a menu item to the Downloaded Files window's context menu to hide all files for a channel.
  • Show the correct number of files queued for download.
  • Only do auto-discovery in the New Channel Wizard for downloaded feeds.
    This fixes the problem of a "do you want to run this program" dialog coming up if a plugin channel generates an invalid feed.
  • Set the "last run" time correctly when a report is run.
  • Fixed a problem that was stopping links from being dragged in from Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing internal house-keeping processes to finish early.
  • Updated the $/feedItems/get API call to return item states.
  • Allowed the number of search results returned by $/search/query to be limited.
  • Updated the $/channels/get API call to allow how the generated page should be encoded.
  • Replaced {%ITEM-METADATA% awasuId} in the templates with {%ITEM-ID%}.
  • Allow a custom template to be specified in a call to $/channels/get (in the POST data).
  • Tightened up the check that restricts API response template files to be in the correct directory.
  • Optimized string handling.
  • Minor fixes for translated versions.
  • Minor optimizations.
  • Minor UI changes.