Awasu » Awasu 2.2.1 released
Sunday 30th April 2006 4:47 AM [Awasu News]

It's been a long slog to this 2.2.1 release but it's been worth it. Some of the new features are just great!

If you use Awasu on a computer that is not always online (e.g. on a laptop or over a dialup connection), then you'll love offline feed items and images. Awasu will download linked-to feed items and embedded images while online and let you see them even after you disconnect. No more broken images - woo hoo! :jig:

The other big addition is the new channel templates (screenshots). Thirteen different themes give you a wide range of different looks and as someone said to me recently, the hard thing is deciding which one to use! :-) And it's really easy to come up with your own since everything is done via CSS (more on this in a few days).

Check out the release notes for the full list of changes, it really is as long as my arm (OK, so my eyes are deteriorating so I have to use a very large font but it's still impressive... :roll:).

BTW, there are a few things that need to be done to install this release so please make sure you read the instructions! :-)

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