Awasu v2.2.1 (beta)

This is a beta release [?]. Some features may not be complete and the software may be unstable. Install at your own risk! You may need to do some basic computer maintenance tasks to get this release to run.



First, backup your existing Awasu installation! [?]

Then choose how you want to install this release:

Upgrade from Awasu 2.2
Upgrade from a version of Awasu prior to 2.2
Create a clean installation
Reinstall Awasu 2.2.1


Offline feed items

Awasu can now automatically download linked-to feed items so that they can be read while offline. This can be turned on for each channel individually on the Advanced page of the Channel Properties dialog.

Feed items that are available offline will be marked with a special icon in the channel summary pages (). If you are offline, clicking on a feed item will automatically show the saved version instead (or just click on the icon).

The usual reminders about being considerate and not needlessly burning up huge amounts of other peoples' bandwidth apply. Of course, this feature also has the potential to burn up huge amounts of your disk space as well :-)

NOTE: This feature only works if you use Internet Explorer to read the offline feed items. Awasu stores the web pages using the Internet-standard RFC 2557 format which is not supported by Mozilla.

It should be noted that web pages tend to be complicated affairs these days and saving them for reading offline is not a straight-forward task. Web pages often contain scripts that try to connect to other web sites which will obviously not work if you are offline. This means that you will sometimes see a delay when opening these offline feed items, or the page will sometimes not display properly (because it's trying to get stylesheets, etc. from other sites). However, the content will always be available, which is the most important thing.

This feature is available only in the Professional Edition.


Offline feed item images

Feed items often have images embedded in them which will be displayed as ugly "broken image" boxes if you are offline (e.g. ). Awasu can now download these images and show them even when you are offline. This feature can be turned on from the Archive page of the Program Options dialog and affects all channels.

NOTE: When you are offline, Awasu replaces <img> URL's with special ones that Awasu itself will handle. This means that if you copy a feed item's HTML to use elsewhere (e.g. because you want to quote it in one of your own blog posts), the image URL's will be incorrect.

This feature is available only in the Advanced and Professional Editions.


Atom 1.0, templates and metadata

Awasu now fully supports Atom 1.0. This had a major impact throughout Awasu since we now have a feed format that can unambiguously identify content as being HTML or plain-text, thus allowing Awasu to present it correctly.

As part of this, the template processor has undergone a major upgrade:

  • It now intelligently encodes content as it generates the output according to it's type and the type of output file (e.g. .TXT, .XML, .HTML, etc.).
  • Channel and item metadata is now retrieved via the new {%CHANNEL-METADATA%} and {%ITEM-METADATA%} parameters.
  • Many new template processing commands have been added.
Awasu's template processor is now much more powerful, relies less on Awasu to dynamically generate HTML content (since it can now be included in the template files), and lays the groundwork for some really cool features in the next release.

Full details are here:

NOTE: If you have written your own templates, they will still continue to work but you should upgrade them to the new framework.


Channel templates

Lots of new channel templates have been added, using the new templating framework. (screenshots).

Each of the new designs were created solely via CSS, using the same underlying Awasu template, and it's easy to create your own. And if you come up with something you'd like to share, please put it up on the wiki for all to use.


Other new features

  • Changed the appearance of the notification balloons.

  • Added more visual styles.

  • Switched to using the new feed icon:

  • Channels can now be configured to show "compact" summaries. This is especially useful for feeds that provide only item titles without any content.


Minor features and bug-fixes

  • Fixed a problem if the user's Windows account name contains a single quote.
  • Shift-Click in a workpad or the Sidebar now opens the item in a new (default) browser window.
  • The Click/Shift-Click behaviour in item panes, workpads, the Sidebar and Tasks Pane can now be reversed.
    Open your user's CONFIG.INI file (with Awasu not running), find the ReverseItemShiftClickBehaviour=0 line and change the 0 to 1.
  • Download GZIP-encoded feeds correctly.
  • Generate more informative error messages if something goes wrong during a download.
  • Fixed a bug where the Find Channel dialog would not recognize changes you had made to settings when you click OK.
  • Fixed the computer-destroying Atom feed of horror where Awasu would go into an infinite loop if a feed failed to parse and had a single definitive auto-discovery link that pointed to itself.
  • Removed the ability to disable archiving.
  • Removed the reminder to optimize the archive database.
    It is still recommended that this be done regularly but is no longer considered essential.
  • Disabled Auto-hide workpads by default.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of our GUI toolkit.
  • Search channels now specify how far back to search.
  • Fixed a crash when changing the My Channels channel filter.
  • Modified the RSS parser to recognize the <category> tag.
  • Animate the system tray icon correctly when new items are received but notification balloons have been disabled globally.
  • Fixed a bug where notification balloons where being shown on the first pass of channel updates even though they had been disabled.
  • Removed the option to listen on local ports for channel subscription requests.
  • Tidied up the way channel/item titles are stored in the archive database.
  • Show better feedback in ArchiveMaintenance when upgrading the databases or rebuilding the search index.
  • ArchiveMaintenance now correctly detects if an upgrade failed.
  • Channel images are now managed using the offline content infrastructure.
    Cached copies of the channel images are no longer stored in the Channels sub-directory. If you like to be tidy, these can be safely deleted.
  • The last received channel metadata is now loaded from the archive database during startup instead of being saved in the .CHANNEL files.
  • Fixed a bug in the Atom 0.3 parser that was preventing it from sometimes detecting a ContentConstruct's type attribute.
  • Only auto-download related links that have a rel-type of 'enclosure'.
  • Fixed several occurences of "Extract" (in reference to feed items) to read "Excerpt".
  • Fixed problems with window positioning at startup when running as a system tray app.
  • Enabled smart docking for the Tasks Pane.
  • FTP addresses can now be entered as a single URL instead of having to be broken into the server name and URL path.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when creating lots of channels simultaneously (e.g. via Import from OPML) and lots of them are being redirected.
  • Don't bother checking for new releases if the user hasn't asked to be notified about them.
  • Cancelling balloons now also closes the one currently showing.
  • Fixed the problem with zero-width item panes (especially when more than one channel window is being opened at once).
  • Handle hex numeric entities correctly when fixing up unescaped ampersands in feed content.
  • Reduced the size of the crash logs. Also updated the OS-detection code to recognize more recent versions of Windows.
  • Tweaked the display text for related links in channel summary pages (prefer the rel-type over the media type).