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Saturday 1st January 2011 5:58 PM [Awasu News]

The 2.4.4 beta release [?] is now available here.

This is the final release before the next general release and since most of the hard work has already been done, it shouldn't be long before the release candidate gets shoved out the door.

Happy New Year to y'all!

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Good timing! My portable, USB thumb drive copy of Awasu has been kept up with the Alpha releases and all of the other special releases, but my home PC copy was still running 2.4.3 and it expired on 12/31/2010 at midnight.

I've now upgraded both to 2.4.4 beta now with no problems to report.

For the people who have not been keeping up with the Alphas and Betas there's so much in this upcoming general release it's kind of hard to comprehend it all.

There's the "custom fields" in Workpads, the ability to use an external editor for Workpad descriptions, the addition of {%DEFINE%} and {%UNDEFINE%}... and of course, all of the Awasu API additions that greatly expanded Awasu's integration with the outside world. For years you've had many ways to "push" information out of Awasu, and now you have many ways to "pull" information out of Awasu or "push" information into Awasu.

There's the ability to restrict Search Channels to a given folder or feed, which means your Search Channels can provide even more focused results, and the ability to sort the Channel folders alphabetically.

I know I'm leaving some important things out, but like I said there's a lot of new stuff coming, so upgrade your Awasu and enjoy the benefits of 2.4.4!

Thanks Taka!!! :clap:

And let's not forget the veritable flood of amazing and wonderful plugins and other extensions built on these new features coming Real Soon Now... :whip:


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