Awasu 2.4.4 (beta)

This is a beta release [?]. Some features may not be complete and the software may be unstable. Install at your own risk! You may need to do some basic computer maintenance tasks to get this release to run.



First, backup your existing Awasu installation! [?]

Then choose how you want to install this release:

Upgrade from Awasu 2.4.4.alpha1 or alpha2
Upgrade from Awasu 2.4.3
Upgrade from Awasu 2.4.2
Upgrade from Awasu 2.4.1
Upgrade from Awasu 2.4
Upgrade from a version of Awasu prior to 2.4
Create a clean installation
Reinstall Awasu 2.4.4


Workpad custom fields

Workpads can now define custom fields e.g. Priority, Source, Assigned to

Items in those workpads can then specify values for each field.

These values will then appear in any report generated from that workpad.

Awasu API

A new entry point has been added to the Awasu API to retrieve individual feed items.

Returns one or more feed items from the archive database.
idComma-separated list of item ID's.
report (r)ID of a report to generate the response with (optional).
contentTye (ct)MIME type to return the response as (optional).

The response can be generated as a report (either by passing in the ID of an existing report or sending a report configuration in the POST data), otherwise an API template file will be used (e.g. feedItems-get.xml or feedItems-get.json).


Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Re-enabled some XSL features that were disabled by default in MSXML6.
  • Channel hooks, plugins, etc. now get notified where key user directories are.
  • HTML in workpad item notes is now inserted into reports correctly.
  • An external text/HTML editor can now be specified (in the Advanced page of the Program Options dialog).
  • Added a simple interface for managing enclosures waiting to be downloaded.
  • Fixed hangs during a sync load.
  • Fixed a possible crash during a sync load.
  • Changed the "Can't find channel for config file" error during sync saves to be a warning.
  • The most recent "advanced syntax" search setting is now used as the default value.
  • Exposed in the UI the setting that controls the maximum number of new enclosures to process per feed item.
  • Added a workaround to allow the "Open in default browser" IE context menu item to handle URL's with embedded ampersands.
  • Shift-Clicking on the Preview button when previewing HTML content will now do it an external browser.
  • The BlackBox crash handler now correctly reports systems with large amounts of memory.
  • The BlackBox crash handler now correctly shows its progress as the crash report is being generated.
  • Fixed a possible problem when new feed items are received for a channel and its window is open.
  • Fixed a possible problem in how the number of unread items was being updated in the UI.
  • Fixed a crash if F1 is pressed while the "Enter license key" dialog is on-screen.
  • The port number Awasu is listening on for requests is now specified when opening the Welcome page (in case it's a non-default value).
  • Renamed {%SEARCH-RESULTS-COUNT-MSG%} in the search results template to {%RESULT-COUNT-MSG%}.
  • Added a new {%PAGE-COUNT%} parameter to the search results template.
  • When checking for new versions of Awasu, the latest beta release is no longer shown if there is a newer general release.
  • Updated the template processor to support {%DEFINE%}:
    This parameter recognizes 3 arguments:
    • name=... The name of the new parameter to define.
    • val=... The new parameter's value.
    • type=text|html|unknown The type of the parameter value (optional).
  • Minor UI changes.