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Thursday 17th November 2005 12:18 PM [Awasu News]

It's an unfortunate fact of life that feed publishers sometimes put out XML that is invalid and doesn't get accepted by feed readers. For fast-moving feeds, even if users report the problem to the publisher, the offending item might have dropped off the end of the feed by the time somebody gets around to looking into it.

A new channel hook is now available to help with this situation. The SaveChannelFeeds hook can be attached to any channel and it saves a copy of the channel's feed XML every time it changes.

It's a very simple script, less than 70 lines of Python code, and a good example of the power that Awasu's extensible architecture offers you. Instead of being knocked back on feature requests or having to wait for the next release, you can just extend Awasu to do what you want. And while there will always be some things that plugins and hooks aren't going to be able to do, there's still heaps of scope for doing your own thing.

The guiding principle behind Awasu's design has always been letting you manage your information in the way that you want. What can Awasu's plugin channels and channel hooks do for you?

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