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Wednesday 16th October 2013 4:34 PM [General]

I'm not one for link dumps but these are too good not to share.

One of the downsides of having been doing IT for as long as I have [1] is that you've heard all the jokes many times before, but here's a list of some new ones.

Yoda Conditions
Using if(constant == variable) instead of if(variable == constant), like if (4 == foo). Because it's like saying "if blue is the sky" or "if tall is the man".

The best one is hidden way down in the comments:

Yoda Exception Handling: Do, or do not; there is no try.



Next up is an amazingly interesting list of useful hidden features in Python. I tend to use Python as a better scripting language (since writing anything longer than a few lines in shell script or Windows batch files Truly Sucks®) but things like this remind me how really cool it is.

I'm hoping to have a bit of free time over the next few weeks (yeah, right :roll:) and one of the things I want to do is to spend a bit of time looking into the new features of Python. If you're into Python, JetBrains recently released a free version of their PyCharm IDE, and after a quick play with it, it looks pretty good. These are the same guys who make the IntelliJ IDE, which I have used [2], and is probably the only piece of Java software I've used that I have any time for :roll:


As an aside, I'm in Cebu in the Philippines right now [3], which is not far from where the big earthquake happened and I was woken up yesterday morning by the whole room shaking and big cracks appearing in the walls :bigshock: 24 hours later, we're still getting tremors and I've been getting slightly seasick as I work in my room. I'm not sure if it's just my imagination but I'm sure the floor is gently rolling from side to side :eek: Tomorrow I sail to Dumaguete, which was also affected, and then in a couple of weeks, I'm off to Taiwan, which is rather close to Fukushima and an incoming typhoon.

Awasu 3.0.1 will be coming soon (hopefully), possibly slightly hot... :roll:


[1] I won't say it, since I'm sure all the kids are sick to death of hearing me say how I started out on punch cards :roll:
[2] Yes, I have worked professionally using Java. Just shoot me now :cry:
[3]My favorite sign is still there, albeit slightly faded.

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