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Tuesday 8th February 2005 7:57 AM [Awasu News]

How about fixing some of those bugs that have been in every version of Internet Explorer since IE4 (1997)? I mean, it's one thing for a small company like us, with extremely limited resources, to have bugs sitting on the to-do list for a while but you guys have a few thousand more developers than us. And even then, if something really serious comes up, we drop everything and get on it right away.

I've just spent an obscene amount of time tracking down a problem that initially appeared to have been introduced in Awasu 2.1 but turned out to be something much more subtle. It's actually being caused by a bug in WinInet (the part of Windows that handles internet) that is in turn triggered by a bug in some web servers. In other words, nothing to do with Awasu and so it was very tricky to track down since it wasn't being caused by anything that we were doing.

<sarcasm degree="extreme">
Still, at least Microsoft were good enough to document the problem and suggest a workaround, even if they also indicate that the workaround doesn't, well, always work around the problem :roll: :mad: And can someone please let them know that they need to update their doco to say that not only are things broken under IE versions 4.0, 4.01, 4.01 SP1, 4.01 SP2, 5, 5.01, but also IE 6.

I've got much better things to be doing than tracking rubbish like this down :mad: Having said that, I initially thought that it might be being caused by a memory corruption so I'm very relieved that it wasn't since those things can be fiendishly difficult to find.

This problem can affect all versions of Awasu but has only come to light now because I suspect that have changed something on their servers that causes the WinInet bug to rear its ugly head. If you're finding that Awasu is using 100% of the CPU and stops responding, please upgrade to 2.1 and then install this upgrade. Since this problem only happens if you are subscribed to feeds coming from certain servers, if you are not being affected then there's no need to upgrade. Many thanks to David Chamberlain and Allan Wilson for their help with tracking this one down.

Working on My Channels folders is actually going to be enjoyable after all this. Sigh... :-(

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Most of the msdn articles have a submit feedback area at the bottom.

I've actually heard (*shock*) that people actually do receive, read and *actually* do something about the feedback that they get there. I've heard it from enough people that i trust to actually believe it. So, do your bit to improve it for everyone else :)

Yah, maybe, but if they haven't fixed it in seven years, I doubt if my bitching and moaning about it is going to make much difference :-|

The thing that really annoyed me was that this, to me, appears to be a relatively serious problem. Applications "randomly" chewing up all the CPU, rendering the machine unusable seems like something you might want to fix. Plus the fact that their workaround doesn't always work, and to make it work, you have to do some slightly unfriendly stuff.


[...] Then I could get serious bugs in Windows that have been languishing for years in Microsoft’s fault database reactivated by bitching about them in my blog. [...]

[...] Much like other commenters to the post, including one who blogged about the bug in February 2005, I held little hope that MS would ever fix it.  The bug has existed since 1997, and… well this is Microsoft we’re talking about here.  They’re famous for not fixing bugs. [...]

[...] I was out of town for the weekend and so wasn’t able to watch the unfolding of the geek storm that Nick Bradbury unleashed the other day with his blog post about an ancient and long-forgotten bug in Windows. [...]

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