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Thursday 9th February 2006 3:55 PM [General]

I just noticed that there is a world record attempt for the largest mass freefall jump planned for this weekend at the new (and still unopened) Bangkok International Airport. They’re going for a completely and utterly insane 960 falling bodies :o

As someone who used to hurl himself out of airplanes on a regular basis (together with one of my partners in crime here at Awasu), at least until common sense prevailed, I have some idea of how completely mad this is. Having so many bodies whizzing around the sky while the formation is being built is dangerous enough in itself, but it's when people start opening their parachutes that it gets really dangerous. It has to be done in an orderly manner so that people don't start suddenly slowing down and flying into the path of people falling down from above. And then having nearly a thousand people zooming around under canopy in a small area… :eek: Check out the way cool photos and videos of their practice jumps here.

Best of luck guys!

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Nice to hear, that the creator of Awasu is also a skydiver like some of the Awasu-users ;-) And of course you know: THEY DID IT :->>
Blue skies, Astrid

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