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Saturday 22nd January 2005 1:28 PM [Awasu News]

I'm delighted to announce the release of Awasu 2.1. This is a full, non-expiring, non-beta release i.e. it's the real thing. Woo hoo! It comes with an installer that will automatically upgrade your installation so if you're running 2.0 or earlier, just back everything up and then download and run the EXE. There is a link in the release notes for Advanced Edition users that will let them get their download.

IMPORTANT: Please read the release notes since there have been some changes that may affect you! You can also find a list of major changes since 2.0 here.

This release also sees the introduction of the Professional Edition, together with a gentle reminder that this is the only version of Awasu that is licensed for commercial use. We'll be doing the same thing with the Pro Edition as we did with the Advanced Edition last year - start it off at a low price that will gradually increase as features are added. So if you're thinking of getting the Pro Edition, get it now while it's cheap :-)

At last, it's out! I am now going to (finally) allow myself to get a copy of Half Life 2 so you probably won't be hearing from me for a few weeks :roll: Talk amongst yourself for a while... :-)

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Best game I've ever played.

Enjoy :)

But the worst install process I've ever been through >:-(

I've got maybe a third of the way through and while it's beautiful and a great game, it doesn't seem to have that ability to scare the living crap out of me that the first one did. Maybe later on... :-)

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