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Tuesday 8th June 2004 12:08 PM [General]

Truck Number -- the size of the smallest set of people in a project such that, if all of them get creamed by a truck, the project is in serious trouble.

Geek humour - gotta love it :roll:

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I think this is known as truck number in the US but I find bus number is used more widely in australia and england. ie, number of people hit by a bus.

However, the road on which I work is on one of the main roads in Brisbane and there's always a truck or ten on the road anytime of the day or night.

btw, I think your time is off on your server. it said I posted at 6:13 this morning, that's not possible, I was still waking up at 6:13 this morning. I think I posted around 8am, although it could have been 7:13.

It's two hours behind based on my last post... I'm also assuming your server is on the east coast of australia (sydney/melbourne/brisbane) so that might have something to do with it.

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