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Tuesday 20th December 2005 4:33 PM [Awasu News]

This has been a while coming, longer than we would have liked, but not to worry, they're here now! :clap:

We've always had several reasons for having a free version of Awasu, one of them being that it functioned as a kind of a trial version for the paid editions. However, there are now more than a few features that are only available in the Advanced and Professional Editions, hence the need for real, fair-dinkum trial versions.

These are time-limited (28 days), fully-functional versions of Awasu and you are able to trial both the Advanced and Pro Editions. We're going to start off with a limited test period of a few weeks so the download links in the release page are not working. Instead, please send us an email for details on where to get the software.

So, come on all you Personal Edition users, you've got no excuse now! Give the enhanced versions a go. You'll be glad you did! :-)

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Nice idea! The reason it took me so long to upgrade from Personal was that I wasn't sure how much I would use the added functionality; but once I made the plunge (as much to support the cause as to get the additional features), I realized how great they are. So, if I'd had access to a trial of the Pro version, I would have upgraded long ago.

also trying

Its look a nice rss reader

please send upgrade trial details

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