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Thursday 6th August 2009 8:47 AM [General]

Many moons ago, I wrote about how I saw the future of machine-to-machine communication panning out. Part of that was some musing on blogjects (a name that, thankfully, never took off), or objects that blog:

The most peculiar characteristic of Blogjects is that they participate in the exchange of ideas. Blogjects don’t just publish, they circulate conversations. … A Blogject can start a conversation with something as simple as an aggregation of levels of pollutants in groundwater. If this conversation is maintained and made consequential through hourly RSS feeds and visualizations of that same routine data, this Blogject is going to get some trackback.

Now, it seems that some people are taking this idea and running with it, but this really isn't quite what I had in mind :|

Just about any device can be enabled to send and receive tweets by using simple hardware platforms called microcontrollers ... The result? You can follow a toaster that tweets every time it browns a slice of bread

I'm not exactly a big fan of Twitter and that screenshot just about sums it up for me :roll:

The article itself is kinda cool - I've always had an interest in electronics, despite being a prototypical software guy and completely unable to grok hardware - but honestly, is this what we've come to? The road to the Semantic Web is lined with toasters and toilets that tweet? :hysterical: A flatulence detector that "tweets every time you toot"? :blink:

Sigh... :wall:

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