Awasu » There is a movement afoot and it is called RSS
Thursday 20th November 2003 9:41 PM [General]

You know it and we know it and one of the great things about writing Awasu is being part of that movement and being able to introduce RSS to people who are only just starting to know it :-)

Greg Fredette writes here about using RSS in the legal profession which is exactly the kind of field that RSS can be incredibly useful in. Lawyers, journalists, researchers all need to be able to monitor huge amounts of constantly changing information, something that RSS is perfectly suited for.

And the flexibility and power we have built into Awasu opens up some intriguing possibilities. Using plugins, information in your corporate databases can be extracted and converted to a feed so that you can be notified when something changes. Or perhaps you want to monitor information being published via web services. With Awasu, it's simple to do via a plugin or even just a simple XSLT file. And channel hooks let you monitor the information as it comes in and moves around within Awasu.

Reading news is a good first step but there are an amazing number of alternative sources of information you can monitor using Awasu. Plugins are available today to monitor the Windows Event Log, email accounts, even Google and there are even more on the way.

This is all just so much fun! :-)

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