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Saturday 8th September 2007 3:38 AM [General]

Amen to that, brother :clap:

The most satisfying thing in programming for me is still making a physical LED blink. It never gets old for me.

It might sound a bit facetious but there's actually a lot of truth in that remark. It's about getting the computer to do cool things [1][2].

The recent upgrade of Awasu's feed updating engine is a case in point. There wasn't really much of a business case [3] to spend all that time and effort getting your feeds to update faster (most people don't have so many that it would make a huge amount of difference) but the way it was done was Seriously Cool (from a programmers' point of view) and I'm really pleased with it, not to mention how insanely quicker it is :-)

And doing cool stuff like this certainly beats working at a bank or consultancy. A friend of mine has just taken a new consulting gig at a company where the main graphic on their home page is, I kid you not, a bunch of guys, decked out with corporate baseball caps, in a boat, all rowing together :hysterical: I have to ring him later today to find out just what the hell he was thinking :whistle:

Anyway, can you tell I'm procrastinating? I'm sick as a dog so no woodshed for me today but since there's a bit of time pressure for the next release to be pushed out, I'm settling in for a marathon coding session. Sigh... :whip:

[1] Your definition of "cool" may differ :roll:
[2] And lest you think turning an LED on and off is trivial, you should know that das blinkenlights have an important place in the history of computer hardware.
[3] This is not quite true. Awasu Server may be updating thousands of feeds so a faster, more efficient feed engine is very useful here. Awasu Server is still in an experimental stage but this is the business case I presented to rationalize justify this change :-)

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