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Sunday 15th May 2016 7:24 PM [General]

Those of you who have been here for a while might remember that I used to run a music bar in Thailand a while back. One night, I was doing my one-man show, when a guy in a cowboy hat wandered in and sat down to listen. During the break, I went over and had a chat with him, and found out that, he too, was a musician.

I didn't know it at the time, but he was David LaMotte, and is one of the bigger names in the U.S. folk scene. He was in town to give a show at one of the universities, and was staying at a hotel around the corner.

We got on pretty well, one beer led to another, and we somehow ended up with him performing a special show at the bar, and it was definitely one of the most memorable shows we ever had. I did a lot of recording at the bar, and while this show[1]There is also video available here, although the video quality is less than stellar :| was one of the earlier ones I did, and so the sound engineering is less sophisticated than if I did it again today, it's not bad and (hopefully) catches the warmth of his performance. Folk is not something that I'm really into, but his songs are very accessible, and have a warmth and honesty that's quite amazing.

He has been on a musical hiatus for the past ten years, instead doing things like helping build and fund schools in Guatemala, travelling the world, speaking on how each of us can effect change, and helping select Nobel Peace Prize candidates (!)

However, the time has come and he's back in the studio, putting down a new CD in what sounds like a fascinating project, with a menagerie of musicians from every continent.

Being the cynical, grumpy old fart I am these days, it's not often I see someone who I would call inspirational, but this guy is definitely one of them. Check out his music, then put a few dineros in his jar to help make the CD happen. I have.

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1. There is also video available here, although the video quality is less than stellar :|

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oh! I love music very much. When I listen music in bar or club, I feel amazing. this post also nice. when a great artist is listener of another artist, I don't know whats the feelings. but thanks for the post.

I also love music. and shortly i will visit Thailand can you please suggest me a good music bar?

Saxophone and Ad Here are good in Bangkok. In Chiang Mai, check out Boy Blues Bar and North Gate.

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