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Sunday 22nd October 2006 6:27 AM [General]

Best dive attraction: not the wrecks of Coron, not the stunning reefs of Cebu island, but the sight of every kid in the village under the age of 12 crowding the beach to greet the boat as it came back after a night dive. We tie fluorescent lights onto our tanks so that we can see where everyone is and it's a free-for-all as the kids fight to score a couple to play with. Priceless :-)

Most resounding thud: swimming head-first into somebody's steel air tank because I wasn't looking where I was going :oops: (well, it was a night dive). Ouch.

Dumbest mistake: not bringing my horn. Philippino musicians are well-known for being pretty damn good and there's a lot of live music here in Cebu City. I've already written about being a sucker for a pretty girl who can sing and I can't begin to count how many times I've lost my heart the few days I've been here :cry:. Man, even the guys sing like angels, if I was so inclined :unsure:

Back to the old grind next week. Sigh...

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What sort of horn is this? Enquiring minds need to know ... :)

It would have to be the Horn of Plenty

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