Awasu » The Commentator knows you
Wednesday 3rd August 2005 7:01 PM [General]

The Commentator becomes you.

OK, so you're going to have to be a programmer to find this even remotely funny but it certainly had me rolling on the floor.

The Commentator uses revolutionary real-time language processing to actually grok your code and add the necessary comments on the fly. No more doco to slow you down. Just install The Commentator and watch as your coding elegance is eloquently decorated with insightful, nuanced commentary you type. What's more, The Commentator's powerful Personality Controls allow you to tweak it's output so completely that it's as if The Commentator is speaking for you. In your voice. Explaining to those that need it, so that you can get on and get busy.

Even the screenshot had me in tears. You can set the Humor Level to range from Dykstra all the way through to Ballmer or the level of verbosity from RTFM to IBM :-)

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