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Wednesday 7th November 2012 11:01 PM [Awasu News]

Even though things have been quiet here in the weblog, that doesn't mean we've gone into hibernation or abandoned the project. Indeed, it's been the exact opposite - I've been busy building customized versions of Awasu and various extensions for some of our corporate clients (as well as my many other side-projects :wink:).

One thing that we get asked for on a semi-regular basis is if there is a server version of Awasu. Corporate users who use Awasu to gather information on a large scale often run it on heavy-duty servers, and would prefer a version that runs as a system service, stripped of all the fancy GUI fluff, that focuses solely on the job at hand: retrieving and processing information.

While we've had an unofficial version for quite a few years now, I've been busy in the Awasu cave these past few months hacking away refactoring and upgrading the code base to make Awasu Server a real product. It's in the final throes of testing now and will be released to the testers in a few weeks, so if you're interested in beta testing The Beast, drop us a line and we'll sort something out.

I've always preferred writing server code - dealing with pesky users is a such a hassle :roll: - and stripped of all the GUI issues, Awasu Server really runs like a dream :jig:

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This is great news. While other (lesser IMHO) desktop feed readers are stagnating, it's nice to see Awasu expand it's reach. I know my own Awasu Extension projects have stagnated, due to an extra heavy workload, not from desire, but hopefully I'll start making some progress on them again, and update the Awasu's Wiki soon.

Of course, if there is a way that I can test "The Beast" on Windows XP or Windows 7, sign me up (I'll send you an email).

I know you're up for it, your version is baking right now... :-)

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