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Friday 12th August 2005 11:34 AM [Awasu News]

TalkDigger is an interesting meta-search engine that lets you see who is talking a particular blog post. It's very easy to tweak Awasu to use it and can be done in two ways:

Modify the channel summary pages

Take a copy of your favorite channel summary template (e.g. in C:\Program Files\Awasu\Resources\Channel Summary Templates) and add the new line shown below somewhere (example taken from Rusty.template):

{%REPEAT% FeedItems}

<A name="{%ITEM-ID%}">
<DIV class="itemTitle">
<IMG src="{%ITEM-IMAGE%}">

<DIV class="itemDescription">

<DIV class="itemDetails">
<DIV class="itemRelatedLinks">
    <a href="{%ITEM-URL%}">
    Check TalkDigger



Configure Awasu to use this new template file (in the Program Options dialog) and you will see a new link at the bottom of each item that will do a TalkDigger search for that item.

IMPORTANT: If you are modifying one of the template files Awasu installs by default, it is important you make a copy of it otherwise it will be overwritten the next time you install a new version of Awasu.

Create a new user tool

Open the Tools|Organize user tools dialog and create a new user tool. Call it TalkDigger and for the commmand, enter{%URL%}.

You will now see a new TalkDigger entry in the Tools menu that will do a TalkDigger search for the currently open browser page.

Thanks to Fred Giasson for providing this tool and letting us know :cool:

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