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Tuesday 19th September 2006 3:13 PM [Awasu News]

One of the first milestones any new feature reaches is when it is considered stable and usable enough to be run in a real-life environment.

I've been slogging away these past few weeks adding the ability to synchronize Awasu with online browser-based readers and those of you who are subscribed to our development feed () will have noticed things starting to be checked into our source code repository.

Awasu can now sync up with both Google Reader and Bloglines and I've just deployed the latest build into my own day-to-day installation of Awasu to start using these features for real :jig:. It's still a bit rough and there are a few things that need to be added to make it really usable (even for an alpha) but doggone it, it actually works! :clap:

Now, neither Google Reader nor Bloglines provide an API that is really suitable for this kind of thing so there are a bunch of limitations but Awasu does the best it can under the circumstances and handles the most common use cases. However, once the next alpha is released, we're going to start work on modifying Gregarius to work with Awasu on this. This is an open-source online feed reader and being open-source, we can make changes to the code to provide the necessary API for sync to work properly and offer all the features users would expect. And this is definitely going to be Seriously Cool, being able to run a fully-featured powerful feed reader from your desktop but still have access to your feeds from a browser, when you're away from your PC.

The only downside is that you need to be able to run Gregarius on your own web server. We will be providing this service during the testing period (and perhaps beyond) but if you're able to, and are interested in, hosting your own copy and giving it a bit of a work-out, please drop us a line and we'll let you know when it's ready. All you need is Apache, PHP and MySQL and installation is trivial.

And if you know of any other online feed reader that offers an API we can use, please let us know. Now the framework is in place, it's pretty easy for us to add more services (e.g. it took less than ten hours to add support for Bloglines :cool:).

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