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Sunday 24th October 2004 1:04 PM [General]

I posted the other week about the conversation that was going on in the RSS world about synchronizing aggregators.

One of our users, the intriguingly-named Squeg, suggested that you could install Awasu onto a USB thumb-drive and just carry the whole thing around. What a cool idea!

There are just a few issues to take into account:

  • Awasu uses your account name to identify you so if you logon to each computer using a different account, Awasu will think you're a new user each time and create a new setup for you. To stop this from happening, create a DEBUG.INI file in the Awasu installation directory that looks like this:
  • Awasu stores filenames using full paths so you need to mount the USB drive using the same drive letter each time.

And it works great! Granted, it's a bit slow but it's the ultimate in making sure everything's always in sync :-) You could even use one of these if speed is an issue.

Of course, given the whole Japanese thing that Awasu has got going, one of these might actually be more appropriate :-D

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Cool! It's always nice to be "official" :-)

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