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Tuesday 23rd March 2010 10:36 AM [General]

And I was the guy who wrote it :roll:

kevotheclone has just put up a wiki page that explains how you can get Microsoft Word to call a running copy of Awasu, extract information out of it and insert the results into your document :clap: And the Awasu doesn't even have to be running on the same computer!

I know a lot of people out there are using Awasu to generate reports based on content coming out of Awasu but this takes things one step further, dynamically pulling the content out as it stands at that moment, rather than when the report was generated. And because the new API that enables this runs over HTTP, it will also work with anything that allows HTTP calls to be made. For example, you could write a web page that extracts the latest information out of an Awasu server running on your intranet, making it instantly available on your web site :cool: Or dynamically generate reports on demand, instead of on a schedule, perhaps based on results coming out of Awasu's search engine or annotated items that you have saved in a workpad.

Yikes :bigshock:

/taka scratches his head and wonders what he has started...

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There's also something similar to this in Excel too; I'll create a wiki page for it soon.

"I know a lot of people out there are using Awasu to generate reports based on content coming out of Awasu..."

It makes me laugh that one aspect that many IT pundits like to talk about as "hot right now" is the "sharing" aspect of the social networking craze. Awasu has had "sharing" via Channel Reports for many years, and sharing via Send to tools for a couple of years. The new Awasu API is not complicated to learn or use and offers yet another level of functionality for extracting your data from Awasu and sharing it with the rest of the world. Hey IT pundits, take a look over here!

Yes my friend you certainly started something wonderful years ago with several innovations in Awasu and you continue to impress us into the new decade.

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