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Monday 21st July 2003 11:22 PM [General]

First, a discussion over at the rss-syndication group at Yahoo about why RSS is slow to be adopted by the general public. Doug Ransom writes:

Techies don't need an installer; if the feature set looks interesting enough, we will get things going. But its not always easy, and I feel that approach is not suitable for the mainstream. I think any of the aggregators need an installer if they want a wide audience under windows. Even unzipping to a folder and manually creating shortuts is beyond what most users are willing to do

I couldn't agree more. This is something we've really focused on with Awasu so we've got comprehensive help, one-click installation and wizards. But if there's something you think could be done better, please let us know. If you think that way, chances are others do as well. Sometimes it's hard for us to stop thinking like techies so feedback from normal people is always welcome :-)

Second, Joi Ito and Ray Ozzie wonder if anyone has ever tried generating RSS feeds from email inboxes. Not wanting to sound smug but thanks to Allan Wilson, we've had that for ages ;-)

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