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Thursday 7th June 2007 6:59 AM [General]

I don't much care for those "well, I haven't posted for a while so I'm just posting to let you know I'm still here" kinda posts but I haven't posted for a while so, um, I'm just posting to let you know I'm still here :roll:

As usual, just because it's been quiet on the blog doesn't mean that we've disappeared to a tropical island and are knocking back martinis on the beach.

Well, actually that's partially true :oops: - more below.

We've been working madly on a couple of projects these past weeks since 2.3 was released that will coming online soon. First up, Ms. C-Squared has been working hard on redesigning the web site and everyone who's seen it has been duly impressed with how much better it looks, to the point where visiting the current site is a bit of a downer :-)

In the dungeon next to hers, we've got more hamsters working their little paws to the bone putting together some tools to help with the job of translating Awasu into other languages. If you're interested in helping out with this effort, please send us an email and we'll get you set up.

And as for myself, I've been putting together the roadmap for the next release cycle of Awasu. As always, if you have something you'd like to see in upcoming versions, post a request in the forums and I'll add it to The List :whip:

Right now, I'm also back on Cebu Island in the Philippines, chasing up a few opportunities. No diving yet, unfortunately, but I did bring my horn with me this time and people seem to be quite pleased to hear me play :wink:

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I was just wondering if there was a way to for us to hear you play?

He he. There are some recordings of me floating around but they're way old (>10 years).

But ya know, it's a multimedia world we've living in now; why not. I'll see what I can do.

I really like Awasu but I have one remianing gripe, which I mentioned several months ago but will mention once again as I have just loaded it onto my new machine.

Awasu would work best for most of us if it ran low priority in the background. Setting it up to do that doesn't seem to have any affect. When Awasu is updating it captures 90+% of my CPUs available cycles (2.4G dual core), and everything else starts grinding. I thought the old machine with its 730MHz Pentium processor might be part of the problem, but it replicates on this new machine.

Is there any work being done to let us control better how Awasu works with other apps?

Sandy Cook

>>> Is there any work being done to let us control better how Awasu works with other apps?

Yes, it is.

The problem is not CPU, it's disk access. Awasu uses lots and lots of CPU but if anyone else wants some, it will give it up and let other processes run. If you think about, this is actually the way you want things to work.

The problem is how Windows handles disk I/O. Awasu hits the disk very hard as it's updating channels and managing I/O across processes is something that Windows has never handled very well (e.g. consider how easily Explorer hangs if you put in a CD or try to access something across the network).

Work is nearly done on re-architecting how Awasu manages read/unread items (which was a big culprit) and the first alpha will be out shortly. Until then, if you've configured Awasu to show in the My Channels window how many unread items each channel has, turning this off should make a difference.

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