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Monday 6th March 2006 5:11 PM [General]

OK, enough with the knowledge management posts already :-). Important as it may all be for Awasu (The Innovative Semantic Web Browser :cool:), I'm tech enough that even I get bored with it all sometimes :roll:

So let's get back to geekdom and talk about something cool, like science fiction :jig:

Now, this may be old news for y'all over in the U.S. but things can sometimes take a while to reach us folks out here in the hinterlands and this is no exception. I'd heard some people raving about a T.V series called Firefly, rabidly enough to pique my interest to the point where I decided to check it out.

And I was just gob-smacked. This is just fantastic stuff. It's a long time since I've really watched much television but this blew me away. I've usually got something playing somewhere for background noise while I'm banging away on the computer but for this, I was making time to sit down and really watch it properly :o. It only took a few episodes to get sucked into it and become completely absorbed in the Serenity landscape.

It was a toss-up whether I started with the TV series or the movie first and I'm very glad I left the movie to last. While the movie gives a lot of the background story, the T.V. series sets the tone of everything and most importantly, the relationships between the characters. The movie felt a little rushed sometimes as you could see Joss Whedon obviously trying to cram in all the stuff that he had originally wanted to let trickle out over the course of several seasons, and it was shocking to see how hard he slammed the door on the possibility of resurrecting the series on another network (at least, in its present form) :cry:

Nevertheless, it was wonderful to watch. I never really got into Buffy nor Angel (also Whedon's creations), despite the encouragement of more than a few friends, since they always struck me as being targeted towards (ahem) a younger audience but I'm curious enough now to give them another look.

I can also finally get started on the 4th season of 24 that's been sitting on top of my TV, unwatched, for the past few weeks because I was too caught up in Firefly.

Now that's saying something... :-)

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