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Friday 6th May 2005 10:27 PM [General]

Chuqui's rules for cats:

When human is working at computer, jump up on desk, walk across keyboard, bat at mouse pointer on screen and then lay in human's lap across arms, hampering typing in progress.

I used to be a dog person until I shared a house with a bunch of cats (at one point, there were 6 (!) of them and they definitely ruled the joint). That, and the realization that cats and computer programmers are, in fact, kindred spirits:

  • They are both intelligent.
  • They are both naturally inquisitve.
  • They are both independent.
  • Neither have any respect whatsoever for authority.

My favorite cat was Kadri who hung out at a bar I was playing music at in Turkey in '98:

King of the alley was Kadri, a huge, jet-black panther of a cat that everyone was scared of, customers included, not just the other cats. Bad-tempered and grumpy, he would perhaps allow you to pet him for a short while before ripping your arm off when he'd had enough. And it was just too bad if you left your seat and came back to find him curled up there - no-one was brave enough to try to shift him and you just had to go find yourself somewhere else to sit. Nevertheless, the two of us got along just fine, obviously sensing a kindred spirit in each other.

I think the neighbouring shops got tired of him scaring off their customers and so they, um, persuaded him to move on. RIP :rose:

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I love my cats. I recently had a tough experience. One of my kitties went missing. He's a 5 year old, four paw de-claw, and he's afraid of outside. I'm pretty sure my other cat pushed him out the door with the broken latch. She was entirely too happy when he was gone. He was gone without a trace for three weeks, then one night I found him waiting at the door.

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