Awasu » RSS vs. Email deathmatch
Thursday 28th August 2003 12:23 PM [General]

An interesting article about the relative merits of email newsletters and RSS.

Who'd have thought that things could get this bad? E-mail -- long touted as the "killer app" of the Internet and the best online channel for publishers -- is rapidly being decimated by spammers and virus writers.

Recent studies show that opt-in messages (that is, e-mail that people have asked to receive) are now erroneously blocked as spam by ISPs and e-mail services at rates of 17% (according to a Return Path study) to 38% ( study). ... Of the subscribers (62% to 83%) who do successfully receive e-mail from ethical publishers, there's another big chunk who don't open it. The typical opt-in commercial/marketing message is opened only about 40% of the time, according to the most recent Doubleclick E-mail Trend Report.

Whatever you believe, at least recognize that as a publishing platform, e-mail is now seriously impaired. Whether you convert to RSS whole-hog or just offer it as an alternative, now's a good time to start thinking about a transition in your business plan.

Bill French recently raised the question on Lockergnome: "So, why haven’t any RSS reader tools innovated in ways that promote and leverage brand and brand awareness?" They have and it's right here :-)

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