Awasu » RSS readers as commodity software
Sunday 29th June 2003 4:31 PM [General]

Deane over at Gadgetopia poses an interesting question:

...I wonder if news aggregators are quickly becoming a commodity item? RSS is pretty simple, and I think there's only so much you can do with it. I've tried out perhaps a dozen aggregators by now, and I can say that in the end, they all do pretty much the same thing. Where is the competitive advantage going to come from in this field? What one feature is going to be the category killer here?

Which is a good question for those of us writing aggregators. For a lot of people, it's just a question of personal taste (good or bad :-)).

But here at Awasu, what we have in mind is much more than Yet Another RSS Reader. The next general public release will be out in a few days and after that, we get down to the business end of adding new features. There's going to be a lot of really powerful stuff coming over the next six months so stay tuned to this channel...

P.S. FeedReader looks really impressive. But don't tell anyone I said that :-)

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