Awasu » RSS for non-developers
Friday 26th December 2003 2:06 PM [General]

While RSS is slowly starting to break out into the general public, it is still largely dominated by developers and technically-minded folk. So it's good to see a new RSS forum intended specifically for non-developers.

The list is moderated to keep it on topic and away from personal issues. It's just about using RSS, not debating its merits or other formats that may be like RSS.

Anyone who knows something of the technical history of RSS will agree that these are Good Things (tm) :-)

There is also an RSS feed - just put the group name (rss-user) into Awasu's YahooGroups plugin (you will need to join the group first and be logged on before you do this). And, of course, if you have an Awasu-specific question or suggestion, you can always post it in our own forums.

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