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Monday 13th September 2004 2:11 AM [General]

Um, we need a special day for this?

Traditions include drinking, acting silly, coding silly programs, mini computer games, playing with old computers, etc.

Sounds pretty much like par for the course for me... :roll:

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Hi Taka,

How have you been? Hey, I came across this article today. Whatcha think about it? :),1759,1645053,00.asp

"iPodder, an application which allows users to automatically download MP3 audio files from weblogs and other web sites to their iPod.

"The project utilizes the ability of RSS feeds to syndicate content, including files, combined with a small application which takes this content and puts it on your iPod."

It's a neat idea but as you will have probably already gathered from my posts in the forums, I'm reluctant to add support for this kind of thing (enclosures) to Awasu, at least in it's most obvious form.

The way it would probably work would be for Awasu to note which feeds were offering additional content, let you know and ask which ones you wanted to download. A bit better than just mindlessly downloading everything, especially if the chances are you might not look at any of it anyway.

But since not many feeds are offering enclosures right now, such a feature is kinda low down on the to-do list. Chicken, meet egg.

Having said that, it wouldn't be too hard to write a script that you could attach to a channel that monitored for new MP3's, downloaded them and copied them to your iPod (or whatever). I wonder if Allan's busy right now...

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